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RAMSES Objects Reference
Version   1.5.1
This reference is offered for viewing by a browser. You can either view it on-line while being connected to the internet or off-line after having downloaded the zip archive (~1.2 MB, expanded ~5.2 MB) and installed this reference on your computer.

This documentation provides a reference to all objects of the RAMSES software, i.e. all modules, plus objects (CONST, TYPE, VAR, PROCEDURE) exported from those modules.

All reference pages offer the same navigation bars at the top as well as at the bottom of each page. The current page is highlighted in red within the top navigation bar.

Pressing the 'return' key or the search button button always brings you to the RAMSES Objects Search page. If you have highlighted (selected) any text in the current page and press 'return', the selected text will be used to initiate a new search.

Generally, in order to inititate a search you may use (or bookmark) an URL according to the following syntax:
    (b), or
Queries of type (a) will display the result of your search in the RAMSES Objects Search page. If string specifies an existing and unique object identifier queries of type (b) or (c) will guide you to the object's definition in the corresponding definition (DEF) module or "Quick Reference" (QuickRef) file, respectively. If no match can be found, you will be guided to the Search page.
Note, the search is always case sensitive and blanks within the search string are always neglected. To initiate a new search in the Search page press the 'Search' button or the 'return' key. If the search result consists of exactly one object, pressing the 'return' key once more will guide you to the object's definition in the corresponding definition (DEF) module.

Modules are tabulated by alphabetical order (A-Z), Function, or Layer of the RAMSES Software.

The objects exported by the modules are all concisely listed in the so-called "Quick Reference" files (QuickRefs). In contrast to DEFINITION modules QuickRefs contain little comments and no specifications on the use of objects. One QuickRefs file is provided for each layer of the RAMSES software (DM, AuxLib, AuxLibE, SciLib, EasyMW, MW, ISIS, and RMSLib).

Definition modules can be viewed in their original form as used for compilation by clicking a module's name as listed in a search result, a table, or a QuickRef file. In contrast to QuickRef files, definition modules contain many comments specifying the behavior and explaining the typical use of RAMSES objects.

Using the Alpha editor and its mode M2 (supporting Modula-2 programing) you can make convenient use of this site. Simply Command-Doubleclick or Control-Command-Doubleclick any identifier in your source code. You will then be brought immediately to the clicked object on this site without having to initiate a search. Command-Doubleclick brings you to the "Quick Reference", Control-Command-Doubleclick to the DEFINITION module.

Reference Authors:   Dimitrios Gyalistras  and  Andreas Fischlin

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